Re: want to prevent people from making mistakes?

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Jose Celestino wrote:
Words by David [Sat, Dec 06, 2008 at 01:01:41PM -0500]:
Fred Silsbee wrote:
              put F10 back in beta
Everyone else has been polite as you rant and rave about 'no GUI root
logins' by default. You want them? Change the settings.

What? Who the f would want that?

Sorry, arrived late on the thread.

Fred has some problems with F10. Therefore the release must not be ready.....
This happens every release. Someone has an issue and goes on a rant.
It does get wearisome. This is what my email filters live for.
FWIW, F10 is working fine on two systems here, one a self built, the
other is an older Toshiba Satellite laptop. I have yet to encounter any
of the issues that Fred has.


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