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On Fri, 2008-12-05 at 08:56 -0500, Robert Locke wrote:
> This seems unusual:
> Fresh install of F10 (from DVD) couple of days after release (28-Nov).
> I have added rpmfusion and livna repositories when the install was done.
> This morning after booting and logging in, a little bubble opened in the
> lower right hand corner that said some updates were complete.  I had not
> requested any updates.  Previous updates had all been done by me typing
> "yum update" in a gnome-terminal.
> Reviewing /var/log/yum.log to see what was installed I find the
> following:
> Dec 05 08:02:19 Installed: createrepo-0.9.6-3.fc10.noarch
> Dec 05 08:02:20 Installed: 1:anaconda-yum-plugins-1.0-3.fc10.noarch
> Dec 05 08:02:21 Installed: preupgrade-1.0.0-1.fc10.noarch
> Why were these packages automatically installed without me requesting
> them?

Furthermore, I found the System-Preferences-System-Software Updates and
it has been set to (what I presume the defaults are, since this is my
first time in that dialog):
Check for updates: Daily
Automatic install: Nothing
Check for major upgrades: Weekly
Both Display notifications are checked/on

So, again, why were these three packages installed (not just updated) on
my system without my requesting it, shortly after a boot and login?

What sinister things is PackageKit doing here? :-)


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