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Zhanhui Li wrote:
Hello, buddies,
I've tried to google a solution to the problem when starting the system "Could not detect stabilization, waiting 10 seconds.", but unfortunately I do not find a viable one, someone alleges it is a later found bug...But I am not the way, My computer is IBM R40, an old laptop, and I've upgraded to Fedora 10. One more thing, the system always warns me that it could find driver for "track point", the red navigator button. Is there one available?
Thanks to all in advance!!
Zhanhui Li

"Could not detect stabilization, waiting 10 seconds."

I have an F-10 desk top that does that also. Installed from the Live CD. It doesn't seem to hurt anything except for the 10 sec. wait. Beyond that it boots very fast.
I thought perhaps it is waiting for a signal that the hard drive is up
and ready but never gets it? Waits a bit and then goes ...

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