I seem to have entered F-11

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On one machine, which I rarely use under Linux,
I ran "sudo yum update" last night,
and it installed hundreds of fc11 packages.

It all seems to work fine, so I have no real reason to complain.

But as far as I recall, I ran preupgrade at some point
to upgrade from Fedora-9,
and don't remember doing or not doing anything unusual.

Can anyone explain to me what happened?
I'm inclined to leave things as they are,
since as I said it seems to be working,
and it is nice to be an F-11 person.

But is there any way of going backwards to F-10?

Incidentally, when I ran "yum upgrade" on this machine
I was advised to run yum-complete-transaction ,
but when I tried that it failed with many errors.

I may say I have installed F10 with preupgrade on several machines;
it is just this one which seems to be odd.

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