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On Saturday 29 November 2008 19:47, Antonio Olivares wrote:
> > The machine was just built.  It is new, It is a dual
> > boot with Mr. Gates OS as well.  It has not frozen like
> > Fedora has.  I have run Slax on it for two days straight and
> > no freezes.  I have blacklisted r8169 driver on it and I see
> > errors with drm.  I have booted with acpi=off and running it
> > so far so good with X ond so far with execption of the
> > following when running dmesg: I see
> >
> > > [drm:edid_is_valid] *ERROR* Raw EDID:
> > 00  ................
> > > and then the machine freezes :(
> >
> > That's is an Xorg message. When you say the machine
> > freezes.. does it
> > actually freeze or does just the GUI freeze?
> >
> > Can you Ctrl+Alt+F1 after a freeze?
> No can't do Sh***t.  Have to press reboot button or manually power down by
> pressing and holding power button :(

EDID is the information the monitor sends to the computer that contains valid 
resolutions, modelines, frequencies etc... that the monitor supports. I have 
no idea why would the machine freeze if given wrong (or null) EDID info from 
the monitor. But nevertheless, why don't you try substituting the monitor 
with another one (if you happen to have a spare one around)?

HTH, :-)

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