Re: Fedora Core 9 "sound recorder" error

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When I run "sound recorder" off the menu (APPS > SOUND&VID > Sound recorder), I cannot get any sound to record. I believe the problem is in alsamixer but it could be hardware or some other problem. My mic does work on a FC9 Dell laptop but I cannot get the right config for my FC9 Compaq Deskpro EN. I have checked volume levels in every place I can think of. I can open alsamixer within terminal and press F4 for capture but have no idea how to tell if Mic or Line 1 is enabled. Volume controls in alsamixer are maxed. How do I make sure mic is enabled in alsamixer? Thanks in advance for any help!

Right click your volume control and look at preferences. It will let you set what "capture" connects as input. I finally got my webcam working doing that.
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