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On Wednesday 26 November 2008 05:00:22 M A Young wrote:
> On Tue, 25 Nov 2008, Claude Jones wrote:
> > The other weird thing is that it said it couldn't download the
> > install image or something in /boot due to insufficient space; I
> > uninstalled all but the current kernel and I'm showing nearly 70
> > mB of space in /boot; so, I'm not sure what's up with that
> It was trying to pull down the so called stage2 file install.img which is
> something like 109Mb.

Well, that's a problem. Since forever, I've followed the suggestion of 
creating a 100 MB boot partition which has been suggested over and over in 
many different documents that I've read over the years - if I recollect 
correctly, the default Anaconda install behavior is to create a 100 MB boot 
partition and do everything else as LVM. Someone correct me here if I'm wrong 
- if I'm right, it would seem to me that an awful lot of users are going to 
run into the same issue I did. Fortunately, on some of my machines, I've 
arbitrarily increased the boot partition size to 200 MB over the years, which 
is why, I guess, I didn't encounter the issue on my previous two 

Preupgrade nicely gives you a message when the above happens informing you 
that it can download the file during the actual installation as long as the 
computer has a wired connection to the net; but, in my case, the machine is 
configured with the old network services app with a fixed IP address; one of the 
first things that happens in the installation is that Network Manager is turned 
on and asks which NIC I want to configure, and then tries to get an address for 
that NIC through DHCP - since my machine is not behind a DHCP server and has a 
static address, the installation fails as it repeatedly gives an error about 
not being able to get an address and 'do I want to try again;' there appears 
to be no way to get past this. An upgrade should not be turning on services 
that weren't on before, in my view. I suppose there are reasons for doing it, 
but, some optional path needs to be provided for cases where the NIC needs to 
be manually configured...

At least nothing was lost - the restart got me back to my original machine 
with no damage done each time. I'll try an update from the F10 DVD. 
Claude Jones
Brunswick, MD

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