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On Mon, 2008-11-24 at 08:15 -0800, Rich Emberson wrote:
> Thanks to all who responded.
> Here is what I ended up doing.
> I used k9copy to copy the region 2 PAL DVD to disk. 
> Then I used PgcEdit (wish8.5 PgcEdit_main.tcl) to edit the file system
> copy
> of the DVD. I changed it from region 2 to region 1.
> Next, I used k9copy to read from the file system DVD and burn a new
> DVD.
> This DVD is region 1 PAL.
> I then bought a (about) $50 JVC DVD player which could display region
> 1
> NTSC and region 1 PAL DVDs (my existing and more expensive DVD player
> could
> not handle PAL format).

Just for laughs, try the Region 2 DVD on your new player. It might work
(it does on my LG as I said earlier), in which case you can eliminate
the copying.


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