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Mike Chalmers wrote:

> Is there a certain way that I need to reply to emails on a
> mailing list or am I doing it correctly?

good question, which i am not confronted with.

i have gmail account, but i use thunderbird with *all* my email servers
downloading to my system so that i can read and write 'offline'.

this allows me to get to email when i want and not have to keep logging
gmail site just to run email there.

setting up gmail in tbird is very easy as it is among selections offered
under 'new accounts'.

another plus, i can do all mail sorting on my system and not have to
worry about setting filters at gmail site. that is it gets sent to
mail boxes as it comes in and i do not have to wade thru inbox to see
who has sent what.

also, by having email left on server and i should happen to delete
something by accident, i can recover it.

plus, i can set up storage boxes on gmail to hold what i want.

when i want to store old emails, i can move then to a file, compress file,
send file to gmail and then move that email to a storage box. in body of
email, i can also build a list of what is in body of email.


peace out.



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