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On Fri, 2008-11-07 at 12:29 -0500, Monty wig wrote:
> Hello,
> Sorry for this silly question but I am a newbie trying to learn linux
> and wondering what is Fedora or what is the difference between Fedora
> and linux?
> Regards
> Monty

Hi Monty,

Linux is, at its most basic, an operating system kernel (core program).
To this core are added many other programs, including the GNU utilities,
X Window System, desktop environment (such as GNOME or KDE), and
applications (including desktop applications such as Firefox and or server applications such as Apache). This combined set
of programs is called a Linux "distribution".

Fedora is one such distribution. There are many others, each combining
and configuring various pieces of software for particular needs or to
meet particular goals. One of Fedora's primary goals is to support the
rapid advancement of Open Source software, so we use a fairly short
release cycle (6 months) and incorporate new concepts and programs as
early as possible. Another primary goal of Fedora is to strictly
incorporate only open source software. These two principles make Fedora
an exciting, fast-paced community in which to be involved, and they
ensure that Fedora can be freely distributed and used in any
jurisdiction (although the high rate of change and the exclusion of
proprietary and patent-encumbered software is not to everyone's liking,
so take a close look and decide if Fedora is a good fit for your
personal goals).

I hope this helps, and welcome to the Fedora community!--


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