dependency champion?

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rpm -qi libthai
Name        : libthai                      Relocations: (not
Description :
LibThai is a set of Thai language support routines aimed to ease
developers' tasks to incorporate Thai language support in their
applications. It includes important Thai-specific functions e.g. word
breaking, input and output methods as well as basic character and
string supports. 

Not very important for a non-thai-speaker

[[email protected] ~]$ yum remove libthai

Dependencies Resolved

 Package                      Arch   Version
Repository Size
Removing: libthai                      x86_64
0.1.9-4.fc9                installed 397 k libthai
i386   0.1.9-4.fc9                installed 396 k 
Removing for dependencies:

 AdobeReader_enu              i4
8.1.2_SU1-1                installed 115 M GConf2-gtk
x86_64 2.22.0-1.fc9               installed  12 k
ImageMagick                  x86_64
installed  13 M ImageMagick-perl             x86_64              installed 667 k Miro
x86_64 1.2.7-1.fc9                installed  22 M
NetworkManager-gnome         x86_64 1:0.7.0-0.11.svn4022.4.fc9
installed 846 k PolicyKit-gnome              x86_64
0.8-4.fc9                  installed 265 k PolicyKit-gnome-libs

- snip-

installed 457 k xsane                        x86_64
0.995-3.fc9                installed 4.8 M xsane-gimp
x86_64 0.995-3.fc9                installed 605 k
xulrunner                    x86_64
installed  23 M yelp                         x86_64
2.22.1-5.fc9               installed 3.0 M zenity
x86_64 2.22.1-1.fc9               installed 3.0 M

Transaction Summary
Install      0 Package(s)         
Update       0 Package(s)         
Remove     266 Package(s)         

Is this ok [y/N]: 
no, of course.
Remaining question: is this the way 'requires' should be used?

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