Trying to Rescue My Thinkpad T60

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Hi all. Of my three machines running F 10 beta, my T60 was the best behaving so far, until last week's updates. Now, the latest kernel does not boot, but I can manage by simply using the previous one. My main concern is with X, which stopped working at the same time.
As you may know, this T60 has an ati-radeon card, with which I was able to use Compiz since my first try of F10 beta. I just found out that rawhide reported today a new kernel that apparently addressed some ati problems, as well as a new ati xorg driver.
I would like to know if any body else has seen this problems and if the incoming updates might address them. Otherwise the T60 is perfectly functional so I would gladly wait for an update instead of a full installation. Thanks in advance for any advice.

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