Re: CUPS: Problem sharing USB-Printer (ADDENDUM)

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Roger Grosswiler wrote:

> I have a PSC750, which is installed locally on a server - ready to
> share. I can print locally on the server, but i cannot connet from a
> client to this printer.
> Cups replies, that i am not authorized. But i checked, everybody should
> be authorized.
> Is there a bug in Cups using USB-Printers? Perhaps a Problem with the
> device-URI?

I don't think there is a bug, but it is very confusing.
I have an HP PSC4280 which I had some difficulty using from a client.

The first question is, can you access the server from the client, with
	telnet <server IP address> 631

The second question, if that is OK, is the URI of the printer on the client.
In my case, the server "found" the USB printer attached to it,
and gave it the name HP_Photosmart_C4200_series_USB_MY797KM03904VP_HPLIP ,
so I set the URI on the client to be 
(I'm not sure if this is necessary.)

I also found (later) that I had to uncomment the lines with "octet-stream" 
in /etc/cups/mime* on client and server.

I found the files /var/log/cups/error_log on client and server
gave some indication of problems.
In particular, looking at this file on the server
will tell you if the print-request ever got to it.

There are some other minor points.
After a print failure, the printer seems to be stopped (or disabled)
on the client, so one has to start it again on the web-interface.

Also, I think one needs the package hplip installed
on client and server, though again I am not sure of this.

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