Re: best fedora-out-of-the-box pcmcia wifi?

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>>> On Fri, Oct 31, 2008 at  5:38 AM, in message
<[email protected]>, Mike <[email protected]> wrote:

> Matthew Miller <mattdm <at>> writes:
>> Does anyone have a recommendation for a modern PCMCIA/PC Card wifi card
>> which just works out of the box with recent Fedora? I can download a
> I have an old laptop that I use with a usb wifi dongle - made by Edimax - I 
> know
> that is not PCMCIA but this usb dongle just plugs in, boot the machine and 
> it
> works... nothing extra uses the RT73usb module that is already 
> in
> the kernel, and is painless.
> I don't have the detailed spec to hand but I can get it over the weekend if 
> you
> need it. 

Based upoin a similar question I posted to this list about a month ago I purchased an Edimax PCI wireless for my kid's workstation & later got the USB dongle ( EW-7318USg) for my craptop.
It Just Works(tm)

The *easiest* wireless I've ever done & they are a linux-friendly company.

I've not tried it but the EW-7108PCg cardbus shows the same supported features

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