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Kevin Kofler wrote:
> William Biggs <kc8pdr <at>> writes:
>> I would like to know how to upgrade from open office 2.4 to 3.0
> Wait for Fedora 10, it will include 3.0.
> If you really can't wait, you can try the binaries from the upstream 
> project, but as they say: your mileage may vary. (They are 
> certainly less tested than the Fedora packages.)
What leads you to make the claim about "less tested"?

I use nothing but the official OpenOffice install on my RHEL, Fedora,
and Suse systems and never had a problem.  I've also participated in the
OpenOffice beta program and suspect a few others have done the same. 
So, where did you come by the "less tested" info?

Or are you talking only about the install process?

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