Re: Installing of KDESDK impossible in FC9: Missing dependency:

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On Wed, Oct 15, 2008 at 7:21 AM, Rex Dieter <[email protected]> wrote:
JeroenSt wrote:

> When trying to install KDESDK in FC9 i get the error "Missing dependency:
> is needed by package libexiv2-0.1.6-4.fc9.i386 (installed)"
> The packes libexiv2 only installs and not
> What can I do about this problem?

2 things:

1.  run
yum update

2.  run
yum install kdesdk

if problems persist, please post the entire log of the failed

-- Rex
I believe lives in exiv2-devel,
but again, if you don't want to compile it, you're better off installing it with yum!


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