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On Mon, Oct 13, 2008 at 4:47 PM, Claude Jones
<[email protected]> wrote:
> This is my first try at trying to connect to an Exchange 2007
> Server. I've been trying the suggestions from this page for
> configuration
> --
> I keep getting a can't connect error that just suggests checking
> my url, username, and password - I've tried disabling my firewall
> as well to make sure no ports are being blocked. I've tried
> different combinations of my user name with and without the
> domain.
> I am able to connect to the Exchange Server via a browser which I
> believe indicates that the owa is working correctly, which is
> what the Exchange plugin needs
> I'm stumped - suggestions, other websites?

I believe you're out of luck:

Although it is in the works:[email protected]/msg05470.html

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