Re: F9: System hangs after long inactivity.

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Dan Thurman wrote:
> I have just gotten ahold of my daughter's system and now
> and looking at why is it, that her system hangs after a long
> period of inactive use (ie when she goes to bed, goes to work,
> then comes home to find a hung system).  I tried this myself
> now and find it to be 100% consistent.
> This problem never occurred before, with the oldest kernel
> (kernel- and before the massive updates
> that included new kernels+xorg/ltsp and it only happens
> with the Intel DQ35J0 but not with the ASUS P5GC-MX/1333
> which is my own system?
> When it hangs, there is no possible way to enter into the system
> so a forced reset was required.  In doing this, it also "corrupts"
> the fs, and I am forced to issue a fsck -y to recover the fs which
> would restore the fs and I would then be able to boot and log
> into the F9 system, only to find that after a long inactivity,
> the system would hang again.
Do you run into the same problem if you suspend to RAM rather then
> So, I booted wih F9-Live, and checked out the sda6 filesystem
> and noted that I was able to review the contents of this filesystem
> and it appears that the filesystem is all there but there are files
> saved in the lost+found directory and it was confirmed that the
> fs is of ext2.
> Is it possible to use QParted to reconvert the ext2 filesystem back
> into ext3 without losing the data?  If not, then my plan is to use
> CloneZilla to save the data to an image stored elsewhere and to
> restore this image into a new ext3 filesystem partition, and hope
> to recover the data this way or am I wasting my time in doing so?
No need - an ext3 file system is an ext2 file system with journaling
added. You may be able to use the -j option of tune2fs to add it
back in.

> I also checked the BIOs, and noted that 'Wake up on Lan' is enabled
> and as far as I can tell, there is no possible way for me to disable it.
> I noticed that someone had reported this same problem, and disabling
> WOL, would prevent the system from shutting down and hang with
> the PS still running - so perhaps I am experiencing this same/similar
> problem previously reported here in this forum.
> So, why is it, so it seems, that this WOL is now a problem with the
> newer kernel/updates when it wasn't before - is there something new
> in the kernel that now recognizes the WOL and does things with it
> when it wasn't a problem before - or is it something else?
Just a WAG, but it sounds like WOL is not being enabled for the NIC
on shutdown, and is hanging the system. But I have not looked into
the settings that control this, so I leave this to someone that has
played with it...


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