Re: Wireless Issues on Dell XPS 1330m

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2008/10/12 Mail Lists <[email protected]>:
> On 10/12/2008 02:17 PM, Dave Cross wrote:
>> So under 2.6.25 things work, just sub-optimally. Under more recent
>> kernels, the situation is worse. I've updated the system a couple of
>> times and I now also have kernel-PAE- and
>> kernel-PAE- Under either of these kernels, my
>> network is still not detected and even when I try to force a
>> connection, it still doesn't work.
>> Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can help to get this fixed?
>  Seems that all 2.6.x kernels dont work with WPA/2 - and may even crash
> on occasion.
>  My advice - make sure you keep 2.6.25 and wait till it eventually gets
> fixed. YOu may find it helpful to turn on SSID broadcast if its off -
> there is zero loss of security and things will work better.

Thanks for the advice. I already have SSID broadcast turned on -
that's why I'm puzzled that it doesn't appear on Network Manager's

Is there a report in Bugzilla where I can track the progress of this issue?



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