RE: F9, computer won't boot after updates & hibernation

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>Now it won't boot at all. I've shut it down, unplugged it, etc. and although the power light comes on and the fan starts up, no activity really takes place. It doesn't even beep to indicate power-on. 

No post? Something is blowken.

>I've tried booting off a CD, but it doesn't get to that point. I can't get into the BIOS, even.
>Any ideas? Could this even be anything to do with Fedora, or so I just have some hardware issue all of a sudden?

Reset your bios, unplug the PC, pull out the battery and wait a few seconds then try to boot.
In my experience, the most common failure point is a powersupply. Maybe you lost a leg on it (as it partially loads)?

If you verify the powersupply is ok, remove all the peripherals and try seeing if you reach the post. I have seen a dead HD
and NIC keep a pc from even getting to the post. Once they were removed (different occasions) it would boot.


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