Re: [OT] CentOS 3rd party repositories?

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Vandaman <vandaman2002-rt <at>> writes:
> As a CentOS user I would class EPEL and ATRPMS as 4th party repos,
> as there are guidelines on the CentOS Wiki for CentOS/RHEL friendly
> repos which I would class as 3rd party. As the OP has no intention
> of reading up on those, let us leave him to his own devices.
> Good luck to the OP and anyone using 4th party repos, if anything breaks
> they get to keep the pieces 

Please don't believe or spread this FUD!

EPEL is more like a 2nd-party repo than a 4th-party repo. It is tested with 
both RHEL and CentOS and has a strict policy of not mucking with RHEL/CentOS 
packages (unlike some other repos which will happily replace RHEL/CentOS 
packages with newer or patched versions) and it is promoted by Red Hat (though 
its use is not supported commercially by Red Hat, but neither is CentOS nor the 
repositories you're recommending).

        Kevin Kofler

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