Re: Followup: Reverting from KDE4 to KDE3

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At 11:07 AM 9/30/2008, Roberto Ragusa wrote:

I managed to upgrade from F8 to F9 while excluding all the KDE stuff.
It is not easy, as I had to manually create a couple of rpms for compatibility.

Good morning, Roberto.

I didn't upgrade from F8 to F9; I started off with a fresh F9 install, and I was hoping I could get KDE3 to work with that.
I suppose I could blow away F9 and install F8, then upgrade back to
F9... seems like way too much work for limited benefit.
I'm not really that unhappy with KDE4, just thought it would have
been better to leave KDE3 in place as an option until KDE4 was more
nearly ready for prime time (please, no flames... I know that "ready
for prime time" means different things to different people), or to
satisfy those who prefer KDE3 over the apparent "new" direction of KDE4.
But, it is what it is.  I'll stick with KDE4 and see how it goes.

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