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Adel ESSAFI wrote:
Hi list
I need a GUI editor for latex. Particulary i want to ask if there is a feature that permits an instant visualization of the result as in latex editor (
Thanks for help

Lyx is ok for what it does, but it uses a custom set of macros that are not LaTeX. The resulting document may not be converted to pure LaTeX. A large existing LaTeX project cannot be easily imported into Lyx.
What Lyx does, it teach people to compose vs color documents, but the
result is not really LaTeX and cannot be given to a publisher as LaTeX.
Open Office has a plug in for generating LaTeX. The result is overly
complex by the nature of translation, but uses standard LaTeX macros.
For those of us who cut our teeth on UNIX, the idea of processing LaTeX
is natural:
$ vi file.tex
$ pdflatex file.tex
$ evince file.pdf
$ !v
$ !p
$ !e


It should be noted that writing with a text editor is liberating! Quit trying to paint your documents as you write them. Get the document out of your head as quickly and as efficiently as possible, and THEN goof with formatting.
That is the beauty of LaTeX in the first place. You can create
beautiful documents from very ugly text.
Many attempts have been made to encourage people to write, vs producing
documents. One of the best so far, is:

Where children of all ages are encouraged to get published. Slam in some text and or pictures, and get a beautiful book. It teaches them to focus on the writing itself, and not worry about what it looks like, because it looks great every time in spite of what you do.
It is obvious that a bias exists here, but in 50+ years of notepads,
napkins, journals, and then word processing, it was not until trying to
write, vs produce, that three books popped out of my head!
Good Luck!

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