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On 22Sep2008 14:57, Ubence Quevedo <[email protected]> wrote:
| I've used pdftotext to convert a pdf document to text and then used
| a combination of grep and awk to single out data and replace formatting
| that I didn't need.
| The output data eventually looks like this:
| 12,123456789
| ,0987654321
| But I want it to look like this:
| 12,123456789,0987654321
| I've tried many different things with awk, but I can't get it replace
| \r, with just a ,

Do you want to only do this when the following line starts with a comma?

A little state machine might do (untested):

  h             # stash first line in hold space
  n             # get next line
  /^,/{         # starts with comma? do this stuff
    H           # append line to hold space
    x           # get hold space
    s/\n//      # remove embedded newline
    x           # put it back
    b again     # repeat for next line
  x             # pull back hold space for printing

Put that in a file called "sedf" and try:

  sed -f sedf < olddata >newdata

and see how it goes. I think it will eat the last line as written.
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