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>> Minimal install should be minimal install, all the time.  Just enough
>> that it boots.  You have things like anaconda to add to it.  Minimal
>> install, plus X, plus Gnome, plus whatever.  Start with the absolute
>> base system, then add whatever else is needed on top.

Frank Murphy:
> Most new converts to Linux wouldn't know how to do that.
> So minimal install would have to include an X

Assuming a decently written installer routine that tells you that
minimal install doesn't include X (graphics), and there's a check box to
include a graphical system (with a sensible description to go with the
option), you'd have to be pretty stupid not to be able to add the bits
to a base system that you want.

A "minimal" install should be just what it says, minimal.  If it's that
plus something else, then it's not minimal.  Call it something else.
This is as stupid as the (actually limited) "unlimited" internet service
provider packages.

In the past, I've wanted to install *minimal* systems, and not really
been able to.  The option wasn't there, and the package selection
routines of anaconda works against you.

Minimal - it boots, and that's it.  If you want software, as well, you
have to add it.

Basic graphical - it boots, and has graphics.  But if you want software,
as well, you have to add it.

Then you have options to add KDE with all its geegaws, or Gnome with
it's toys, a group of desktop publishing packages, a group of audio
packages, a group of video packages, or select individual program
packages, etc.

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