F9: Sharing local NTFS file-systems under Samba

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I guess I need a little direction here.

I have created an NTFS partition under F9, and noticed
that this partition upon login automatically FUSE mounts
to my desktop.  Ok, well, I did try to add  this partition to the
fstab. this partition to my /wApp1 directory but found that
there were conflicts in doing so - so I gave up at one point and
let the FUSE do it's job.

But then later, I decided I wanted to samba-share this partition
and this is where I am perplexed.

Although, I can use Nautilus to access/change these files in the wApp1
directories, but I also noticed that all directories and files are 40777,
is set to fuse_t,  and it seems that there is no possible way for me to
chcon, chown, chmod anything therein in order to samba share anything
with any granularity (usr, group, other) and noticed that selinux reports
that these dir/files are RO, cannot be shared, but that I can issue a samba
boolean to share RO files which is not what I want to do - that is - to
samba-group share the dir/files as writeable and to a list of trusted users.

I have added trusted users to /etc/samba/smbuser file - but it seems that
smbpasswd -a user has no effect (at least I cannot see where the results
are saved, if at all) and I did use the System->Administration->Samba
tool to share the specific directories, with selected users, visable & writable
but this did not seem to work either.

I am not sure if I should let FUSE do it's work or to somehow not let FUSE
"take over" and add the NTFS file-system to fstab.

So, how should one go about properly setting up samba-shares of these NTFS


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