Re: Signing for fedora-announce with fedora-list (was Infrastructure status, 2008-08-16 UTC 1530)

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On Thu, 21 Aug 2008, Marcelo M. Garcia wrote:

Okay, but Fedora is the distribution released by the Fedora Project, so
related announcements should be of interest to anyone having to do
something with Fedora. The online list archive shows that only a very few
announcements have been made before.

Humm. I think you are confirming what I said. If every user should be in both, since they have something to do with Fedora, why to separated lists?
 You're looking at this backwards. No one "should" be on the
fedora-list. It's likely most people will be but it's not a critical
list. However the announce list is the one list that should have
everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, even remotely dealing with fedora
subscribed to. The announce list should be mandatory if anything should
Even in a high volume list like "Fedora-list", if I see a header "[INFRASTRUCTURE TEAM - Urgent] ..." I will read the message.
Only if you read the list on a daily basis or if you know what
special subject marker to search for in your filters.
Yes. I read the list every day.
 Most of us don't. I'm lucky if I can get through it once a week.
If you'd like to personally forward all announce announcements to everyone
who can't read all the lists daily that could solve the problem.
Maybe because English is not my native tongue, but the word "announcement" doesn't to suggest something that important.
Announcements at the airport or at the train-station, do you ignore
If I remember right, the announcements in airports or train stations are
made to all users and it's user's responsibility to decide what to do.
Now image the opposite situation, that you have to go to a specific
place, a room, to have announcements. I think that the life of travelers
would be much more difficult.
 I think it might be a problem of language here. On the 'Net, an
"announce" list is akin to being an important/emergency/manditory
information list. If you ever run across a <listname>-announce that's the
one list you must subscribe to.
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