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Picture this scenario:  You plug in your new wireless router, it has no
security settings.  You configure it using the HTTP webserver, and your
passwords (any you set into it) are part of the HTML source code,
viewable by anyone else at the same time.  Your browser may display them
as ***** in the webform, but it's only the browser display that's
obscuring them.

I feel your pain there. That is the only thing that I do not like about the router. I have over come this problem by adding MAC address filtering under Advanced Tab. With it on you cannot access the router at all unless your PC/laptop's MAC address appears in the 'allow list.' Since I have enabled that no one has hacked into the router.
Then also, I usually do the configuration via cable and not wireless.
It is much more secure that way - but you knew it already. I do not
even do it for sake of convenience.
I will walk to the router, plug in the cable and do the necessary configs.

If you are still having issues, then maybe you should try a firmware update on the router, I haven't done it myself so I cannot say anything about it.
A TIP. Please do not buy a D-Link ADSL router and try to get it talking
with the wireless router. It is an absolute nightmare. It took me a
whole day to get it going properly.
The shocking thing is that according to the manual it is not possible.


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