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2008/8/22 Arun Shrimali <[email protected]>:
> Dear All,
> I am having a problem with configuring IPTABLES
> My Setup :
> Fedora 6, as a proxy server having three NICs as follows
> eth 0 - not in use
> eth1 - IP (  gw -  Connected to LAN
> eth2 - IP ( gw - Connected to router of ISP
> LAN has the mix users of Ubuntu and Windows
> We are using squid (with NTSA authentication) for HTTP traffic, which is
> working fine.
> My Problem :
> I want my users to use ftp to upload file for different reasons.
> Thus any FTP traffic (only ftp) at eth1 should be route to eth2, such that
> to connect to ftp site and upload the content.
> I have tried ip_conntrack_ftp but does not helped.
> Can any body help me to route the ftp traffic
> regards
> Arun
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I would assume your would want an ftp proxy of some sort to actually
do what you are wanting to do.  Have you looked for any ftp proxy

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