Re: F9 + KDE 4.0 (and 4.1) + Inkscape (missing color picker widgets) [SOLVED]

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> In most cases I've seen gtk-qt-engine of misrenders, it's usually a bug in the app.  Are the inkscape folks *certain* about this?

No, but it was suggested to try and send it their way first, and they
could always send back over to the inkscape devs if they felt it
wasn't theirs.

Here's a snip from my email thread on the inkscape-devel list:


>> Again this looks like a GTK-QT Theme Engine bug.
> So would it be better to report this bug to the GTK-Qt Theme Engine
> devs, or the Nokia/Trolltech guys?

I would bug the GTK-Qt guys first. They can always talk to us if they
feel it our bug and not their's.
It could be our older code base (pre-fork) is the issue but that first
glance it looks like it just a case the haven't fully covered.

Joshua L. Blocher


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