Re: Yam repository for Fedora howto ?

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Gregory Machin:
>>> Then whats the difference between mrepo and yam ?

>> Five letters...

Gregory Machin wrote:
> wow i see bat man's best buddy the joker is out in full force to
> day .. lol

I just couldn't resist the opportunity.  But it's The Riddler who poses
the conundrums, and Batman who usually answered it, or his
blinken-lights computer...  ;-)

Having said that, if you looked at the page referred to by the supplied
address, it did explain the situation, right at the very top of the
page.  The thing's simply been renamed.

Tim (who preferred the over-the-top old TV series to the modern films).

Don't send private replies to my address, the mailbox is ignored.  I
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