Re: fglrx driver on F9 x86-64?

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On Tuesday 05 August 2008 01:54:37 pm Raymond C. Rodgers wrote:
> Well, I haven't seen recent word on this so I thought I'd ask the public
> at large. Has there been any update on the fglrx driver for Fedora 9
> x86-64? F9 has been out for months now, and ATI/AMD has released several
> versions of their driver since the F9 release date, but the fglrx driver
> is still missing from the Livna repository, the official driver doesn't
> seem to work, and I'm still getting unaccelerated video on my Radeon
> HD3850. Anyone have any idea when this issue might get resolved?
> Thanks,
> Raymond

you might want to check out and ask in the forums there


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