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On Wednesday 06 August 2008 20:04:33 Per Anton Ronning wrote:
> I was trying the loudspeakers playing a music CD. Suddenly I lost the
> sound, (I was doing something else on the PC which I cannot remember
> what was,  I am preparing the PC for production so I do a lot of things)
> I have not succeeded in getting back the sound, the volume control does
> not help me. Should I look elsewhere?  F 9 differs quite a bit from FC 5,
> so I don't know where to look. 

Try System Settings (systemsettings from the command line) > Sound.

> I have not yet gotten around to buy a F 9 
> textbook.
You are not likely to find out - it's too new.  Just ask about anything that 
you can't work out.


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