Re: Messed up my ISP/Networkmanager connection !?

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William Case wrote:

First problem; my 'hosts' file backup was recovered. So I think that was
what I had. Every manual and the file itself said don't touch this file.
I touched it.  Did I get it back to its original shape? I tried
replacing with which 'ifconfig' and 'hostname -va'
say is my inet addr.  (Why it is not is a question for
another day).

My ifcfg-eth0 script says:
# nVidia Corporation MCP51 Ethernet Controller

'route' also lists the default as not

If you are using DHCP, you usually do not want to specify your name servers. (DNS1)
Also, your default route should point to your gateway to the
Internet. If you are using a firewall/router, it should point to
that address.
You may also want to look at /etc/resolv.conf and see what name
server(s) you have listed.
I don't remember if you said, gut is your problem that you can not
connect using host names, but you can using IP addresses?
Also, is the network service running, or the NetworkManager service
running? Because the way you have ifcfg-eth0, it does not look like
NetworkManager is controlling it.
service network status
service NetworkManager status


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