Re: Why is Fedora not a Free GNU/Linux distributions?

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Antonio Olivares wrote:
If a person releases some code like that, he has to supply the source at a resonable cost of copying any time for the following 3 years?
It's generally easier to just give the source along with the binaries.
But if you don't, the GPL requires the written 3-year obligation.
What if the person dies?
Then the software that person has released is not fully GPL because that person will not be able to comply with that part of the GPL.  He/She has passed away and cannot release the source much less asked to release it, unless there is divine intervention from heaven which may or may not happen!

This can happen to a company as well, if a company comes up and releases a Linux distro/GNU/Linux distro and they release several iso's and not post the src code, the original sources + the modified versions(their own modified versions).  Then the company has troubles and it goes belly up, that is goes bankrupt/shuts down/violates some Federal law or other major disaster.  How does the GPL make sure that those guys comply with the GPL?
It's hard to make a dead person or company comply with anything... So
if you want the sources, get them right away.
  Les Mikesell
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