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Dan Thurman wrote:
Kevin Martin wrote:

Dan Thurman wrote:
Daniel B. Thurman wrote:
Somehow, the system-conf-services tool stopped working.
Starting this brings up the tool, it hangs with a blank list
and 'No services selected' in a greyed out right panel.

I tried to remove and reinstall system-conf-services but
it does not help.

What can I do to fix this?

Why hasn't anyone responded? I have been working on trying to figure out this tough nut and cannot understand WHY system-config-services is not working!
Can someone please give me a pointer in the right direction, short
of re-installing


Have you tried disabling selinux temporarily?
Are you running this as root?
And isn't it system-config-services, not system-conf-services?
Yes. My typo error, sorry!
Is /usr/bin/consolehelper correct?
Running this brought up a failed dialog.
It says: "Unknown error."
Did you "man system-config-services" (it mentions "hanging" in the man page at certain times).
I tried this and there is no man page for this! Do I have to fix/update/re-init the
man pages to get all the manpages to show up?

Much appreciated response!  THANKS!
But problem remains....


if you run system-config-services from a terminal is there any output
that might indicate the error that you must be getting? Or is there
anything in the /var/log/messages file that might indicate some problem?

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