Announcing Eth-0: A week long outdoor Lan Party, Netherlands

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Hi List,

I would like to announce that we will have a last minute planned
Fedora presence at the ETH0 outdoor lan party event.  So far we have
no plans for an official tent, but I will be giving one or two
presentations, and participating in the VJ camp with some friends.

ETH-0 is a week long camping event held in in the province
Noord-Holland, in the woods near Friesland.  The camping site is about
12km away from the town of Den Oever.  You can get either day passes
or a discounted full week pass.  The event is focused around four
themes, or camps: Open Source Software, Embedded Systems, Multimedia,
and Gaming.  The goal of the event is to bring together highly
creative people in any one of these fields to meet with other like
minded people and come up with new creative ideas. The event appears
to be officially in English, and if you are not familiar with the
Netherlands, almost everyone here speaks English fluently. You can
find out more about the event at these links.
 Our wiki for coordination The home page for the event The wiki for the event

Since this event is geared around the people who use the software,
rather than just the people who develop it, I would like to open an
invitation to anyone in the Fedora User community to come join me at
the event.  FAMSCO has allocated a budget for this, so feel free to
let me know about any special or fancy ideas you have.

Also if you are interested in coming but need help with resources like
camping supplies, or looking for more information about travel, please
post information either to this thread, our wiki page, or email me.

Yaakov Nemoy

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