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On Mon, 2008-06-30 at 10:17 -0500, Mike Chambers wrote:
> Running dual athlons using the i386 (or 686 depending the package) F9
> release (this is an x86_64 system), is there some services that need to
> be enabled for them to be maximized in their use?  Things such as
> cpuspeed and such need to be on?  In other words (and not that
> knowledgeable in this area), can you even tell if it's being used
> correctly, and if your just doing small things, such as checking email,
> browsing, those type things, is it used then as well, or more for when
> doing things like compiling one program, then doing all the other stuff
> like normal?
> Hope I worded my question right LOL
> -- 

Are you talking about a dual Athlon MP (AMD762MP) or a dual-core

- Gilboa

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