OT: Goodbye Fedora 9 - Hello Fedora 10?

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Blah - I'm off running F8... Too many issues with 9

1. Known issues with install & Nvidia

2. Recent updates give the ever so pleasant "pop" in audio

3. Recent updates seem to create lag points (switching from app to app
or window to window)

4. Xorg and or Gnome unfinished GDM issues

5. My Amazon downloaded won't run (even though some of you have seemed
to have gotten it to run

This is on my Sony 3 Vaio desktop (running either 32 bit or 64 bit F9)
F8 runs so smoothly compared to 9 (IMHO).

I just didn't want to waste my time tinkering and waiting for things to
get fixed. I did like Firefox though (even if it is a Beta)

I was hoping (and still do) that there might be an interim release.
Maybe a Fedora 9.1 with many of the issues worked out (or at lest the
ones above).

IMHO, F9 should not have been released - granted, I understand that
Fedora is pretty much cutting edge, but still. F9 could have held off a
few more months and delivered a system that at least installs without
having to do the text install (granted, everyone should be at least
familiar with it - many friends of mine freaked out since they had to
use that install method).

Yes - I know that some of these issues I could have lived with
(meaning, I could have resorted to a previous kernel) but I feel I
should not have to. I also know that some of you will say that if I
want a more stable Linux, I would consider CentOS. Trust me, if F10
isn't any better then 9 (overall, and livable) then I just may.

I of course would rather not - I had options. Ubuntu was my first real
experience with Linux on a desktop, and I considered going back. For
shits & giggles, I installed Ubu 8.04 - Oh, it was nice and all. It ran
nicely (the i386 version - I didn't bother with the x64 version). But
it just didn't feel "right".

What does that mean, "right" - I grew to really love Fedora. For now,
I'll stay happy with my reinstalled copy of Fedora 8 with the hopes
that things will get ironed out in a years time or so.

This is by no means a thread to bash Fedora - it's just my feelings
about a really great Linux distro and how disappointed I am.

I know the devs read this list - I'm hoping that they consider holding
off the next release until things are ironed out and not release F10
for the sake of getting a release out.

Overall though, I am very pleased with switching to Linux (from a
FreeBSD desktop) and I really do want to stay a Happy Fedoran (is that
a word?!).

Thanks guys (and gals) for all the hard work that you do. I for one
appreciate it.

Best regards,


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