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Christian Schuermann wrote:

I recently shot my new notebook on ebay and finally I'm holding it in my
That's one tough notebook if it'll take a slug and keep on ticking....i probably wouldn't complain about a few glitches after i shot my notebook considering it probably shouldn't work at all.
hands. But there are several problems, most of them when the notebook awakens from 'suspend-to-ram'. For example:
1. Display stays black when wifi-killswitch in on

2. When killswitch is off re-awakening works but the killswitch doesn't
re-enable the wifi device. ifconfig up & down works but NM doesn't see
any devices
Probably it will work fine on reboot but I would say file it against whatver handles suspend to ram but i am not sure what specific program/package this might be. Maybe you should do a little research on that or search bugzilla and see if you can figure it out.
ACPI maybe?

You might fiddle with the BIOS settings and see if you can straighten this out first though...assuming it wasn't the bullet's fault
3. When nvidia-driver is installed the gma950 is deadly slow in
opengl-mode (e.g. googleearth). FYI: The notebook has two graphic-cards,
 nvidia and intel. You can choose when booting which one to activate.
So the nvidia module is not loaded and no nvidia device is shown in
lspci but glxinfo shows 'OpenGL vendor string: NVIDIA...'
When I uninstall nvidia-drivers, both cards work find (except opengl of
nvidia is a binary blob , IIRC, so good luck getting them to fix
anything especially if your running f9(you don't actually say which
version of fedora your running)
4. The 'Fn' buttons don't work and don't show up at showkey
search bugzilla and see if you an figure it out but probably the bullet damaged something to do with this....what caliber was it anyway?
5. The brightness-applet doen't work. spicctrl -B shows 224 which is
afaics undefined by the driver [1]. When I do spicctrl -b <value> with
value between 0 and 7 and then restart X the applet works perfectly.
Was the lid open or closed when you shot it? I am guessing open. be continued...

The question is now, are those issues bugs, can they be fixed and especially which component should I bugzilla (should I bugzilla at all?)
Thanks, Chris


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