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> Envoyé : jeudi 5 juin 2008 05:21 De la part de Ric Moore
> On Wed, 2008-06-04 at 22:40 +0100, Timothy Murphy wrote:
> > I think this is a misunderstanding of what I am trying to do.
> > I could easily send my logwatch report to the machine I want (alfred)
> > by posting it to [email protected] , my email address.
> > I collect my mail by fetchmail from my ISP every 5 minutes.
> > (I also collect it from 2 other servers, including ,
> > as well as a UUCP feed.)
> >
> > But I think it must be possible to process and deliver it locally,
> > and am trying to find out if this belief is justified.
> My memory done failed me now, but during my old Caldera days, there was
> an app that you installed on your "master" machine, with a little script
> that was installed to all of your satellite machines that you wanted to
> monitor. Basically, each of the machines that you wanted to monitor
> would send log files to the master host periodically (as often as you
> desired by setting some simple parameters) and when one of them went
> mission-critical the app, as it scanned the log files, would note things
> like hard-drive failures, net connectivity problems, anything you set it
> to monitor for, and you had a screen that showed all of the machines in
> green, if OK, or red, if not. Clicking on the square of the flashing red
> machine would reveal the actual log and the problems. Nifty as all
> heck.
> The Dept of Agriculture in Texas used it to monitor hundreds of machines
> on their intranet. It was free, very basic, and it worked like a charm.
> For the life of me, I cannot remember the name of it, for the life of
> me. But, it basically did what I think you are trying to do. Ergo, what
> I think you want to do, is doable! I had sendmail up and running but I
> don't think it relied on DNS as all of the addresses were static. Ric

Do you want to mean Nagios or Cacti ?
Maybe NetSaint in the previous century with OpenLinux Server ;-)


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