Re: NessusClient's embedded qt4 busted

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Mike Burger wrote:

> The issue was that the NessusClient application, compiled for Fedora 9,
> includes a copy of various QT libraries, and the installation process
> places them in /opt/nessus/lib, places an entry in /etc/,
> pointing at that directory, and then runs ldconfig.
> Because there were pointers at incompatible QT libraries, the process of
> logging into KDE4 became non-functional.  Commenting out the
> /opt/nessus/lib line and rerunning ldconfig fixed it for me (thanks to Rex
> Dieter for helping me get my head back out of my tuchas on that one)

Speaking of that (sorry, thread hijack warning), would you mind letting the
folks you got the NessusClient rpm from, that it's breaking peoples f9

Otherwise, gimme a pointer, and I'll sic my fedora ninja monkeys on them.

-- Rex

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