Re: Mono sound only, PulseAudio and Fedora 9... or "where's system-config-sound?"

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On Sun, 2008-06-01 at 19:40 +0300, Antti Aspinen wrote:
> On Sat, 31 May 2008 19:42:59 -0400 Ric Moore wrote:
> > how about changing the order of the soundcard with the webcam ? Just
> an
> > edit of /etc/modprobe.conf ought to set it straight. The webcam is
> mono,
> > right? But since it is loaded first, then I would think that it is the
> > default sound device, being pointed to by such things as OSS
> > as /dev/snd. It's a thought, trouble shooting with a shotgun. Ric
> Sorry for being inexperienced with Fedora configs but how I do that?
> Ensuring that [email protected] driver modules are loaded first is in practice
> difficult to achieve. Thanks to always so exciting Udev.
> By the way /etc/modprobe.conf is an empty file. All the stuff is
> in /etc/modprobe.d/modprobe.conf.dist and most of it don't make any
> sense. At least to me anyway. Where's /etc/modprobe.d/alsa for example?
> I know that in newer Alsa I might be able to change the order of the
> cards by issuing index for them. Like shown in here:
> Unfortunantely that method doesn't seem to work in Fedora 9 thanks to
> PulseAudio and very different alike configs.
> How to change order of the sound cards now because in F9
> system-config-sound has been removed? This is just the thing I have been
> asking since the first message with this topic.

Sorry, Antti. I'm still running F7 and I have no clue. I pine for
simpler days and feel your pain. This may be even more clueless, but
could you just remove the webcam, reboot and see if your sound comes  up
properly? Plug the webcam back in, reboot and hopefully your sound card
will still be first? 

Is this a laptop with a built in webcam?? Yikes, if so about all you
could do would be to shut it down in the bios, if that is possible. In
the same vein, if this is a laptop, and lsusb shows that the webcam is
usb, in the bios you could turn off USB. THAT would kill it off, for
sure. Then continue the boot up, see if your sound works properly. That
would set it to number 1, then turn USB back on and hopefully the webcam
will be noted as the second. 

Still trouble shooting with a shotgun. I've been doing alot of that
recently. Again, I feel your pain! :) Ric
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