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Rex Dieter wrote:
Michael C wrote:

This thread reminds me of an unpleasant bug in the KDE Control Center
( which hosed the
X-server for anyone attempting to install fonts "system wide" by
selecting Administrator Mode.
I only mention this because, despite the fact that it continues to
persist in F8, with it being originally filed as arising in F7 the bug's
set to be "officially" closed on June 13.
Closed only because no one bothered to confirm whether the bug still exists
yet or not.

This is a clearly reported bug, with a clear and repeatable way to demonstrate it, and no note to indicate that any change has been made to fix it. Therefore why would someone need to verify that it still exists, since it can be reproduced in about the same time as it takes to mark it NEEDSINFO?
I have the feeling that some bugs get totally blown off by marking them
NEEDSINFO instead of UNMAINTAINED or WONTFIX, when the maintainer is the
one who can't be bothered to check using the procedure the user
provided. And why would a user bother, given that no one fixed it in a year?
The hardest thing to do is admit you are too busy or unmotivated to
maintain something and hand it off or drop it. Been there, did it too
late several times.
Bill Davidsen <[email protected]>
  "We have more to fear from the bungling of the incompetent than from
the machinations of the wicked."  - from Slashdot

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