nvidia drivers now available from livna - has anyone tried?

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Up until now I've been holding back from upgrading to F9 (from F8) because of the lack of nvidia drivers.  My dual-head setup works just fine and I didn't want to muck about in xorg.conf to fix it up until the new nvidia driver became available.  So every day I've been trawling the net for news of Xorg 7.4 to come out or an nvidia driver to be released.  On the Xorg front, the news is not good.  They've changed their release date from May 2008 to 2008.  Yeah....

But I did come upon this linuxquestions.org thread ( http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/fedora-35/fedora-9-nvidia-problem-642024/page2.html ) where, near the bottom they mention that livna now has drivers.  I checked, and they do.  http://livna-dl.reloumirrors.net/fedora/9/i386/

So I have two questions:
1) Has anyone tried this?  Does it in fact work with Fedora 9's pre-release Xorg 7.4?  I don't use Compiz, but I do use 3D acceleration for games and Blender
2) If I were to go the preupgrade route, do I first install the livna Fedora 9 repo package and then preupgrade?  (I have some other livna packages installed)  Do I preupgrade and then install the latest livna repo package?  Does preupgrade fail with this type of situation?  Should I just do yum upgrade again?


Eric Mesa
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