Re: Fedora 9/KDE 4 'non kde app'

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John Minson <minsonj <at>> writes:
> On all earlier versions of Fedora/kde I was able to add a 'non kde app' 
> and give it any icon I wanted . I suspect I still can but the mechanism 
> obviously is different on Fedora 9/KDE 4 .
> Any quick pointers ?

Surely the right solution is that the app itself should be registering in the 
menus on its own!

If the app is a Fedora package, file a bug against the package for the 
missing .desktop file, which is required according to:

If it is a third-party application, complain to wherever you got the 
application from.

If it is your own application, have a look at xdg-desktop-menu, or package it 
as an RPM and have a look at the packaging guidelines as quoted above.

        Kevin Kofler

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