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> > Downloaded the latest kmod-nvidia from livna this morning, and finally
> > I can run my monitor at the 1920x1200 resolution God (or DELL, anyway)
> > intended it to run at. Still have to add the bogus driver option:
> Upgraded to newer kernel in test and the driver no longer works.  Not
> having used livna's mods hardly, is there an rpm that will automake or
> use the newer kernel without having to reinstall and/or rebuild the
> driver?

I see both kmod-nvidia and akmod-nvidia. Possibly the akmod version
is the one that uses dkms (or something like it) to build the proper
kernel driver at boot time if necessary, but I'm not entirely
certain about that.

I usually just wait a day after a new kernel comes out and the new
livna module has usually shown up by then.

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