Re: how to find WEP/WPA key to network if possible

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--- "Kevin J. Cummings" <[email protected]>

> Mikkel L. Ellertson wrote:
> > Kevin J. Cummings wrote:
> >>
> >> Why can't the wireless key be found from some
> other laptop that's 
> >> using the network.  If this is a school, and you
> are a teacher (I'm 
> >> talking about Antonio here), then another teacher
> must have configured 
> >> the wireless key on their laptop, no?  If not,
> then maybe the woreless 
> >> isn;t for the teachers?
> >>
> >> The only way this won't work is if the router is
> also doing MAC 
> >> filtering in addition to the wireless key.  (Even
> then, there are ways 
> >> around that too, but beyond what I said above,
> we're talking about 
> >> hacking, which some in the administration may
> frown upon....)
> >>
> > Well, finding the wireless key on a Windows laptop
> can be interesting. I 
> > am guessing you would have to dig into the
> registry to find it. I know 
> > it is hidden when you look at the wireless
> settings. (Like when you 
> > enter a password.) I have not dug into the
> registry to see if it is 
> > encoded there.
> Well, my experience is that I've help to configure 2
> different laptops 
> under windows xp, and in both cases, the wireless
> key was available from 
> the configuration tool in plain text.  YMMV.
> > Now, if the administrator did things right, there
> should be a network 
> > setup USB key or disk with all the network
> settings needed to connect to 
> > the wireless network. It is set up so that all you
> need to do is put it 
> > in and auto-run it - it sets things up without the
> user having to know 
> > the details or the key. It makes setting up a new
> computer to connect to 
> > the wireless network a snap.
That's what some teachers got to do after the Network
became encrypted.  They took their computers to the
Administrator and he put the key in for them and they
are happily surfing.  Other teachers that seldom use
their laptops, brought it to school only to find out
that they cannot use the wireless network because it
has a new key that they need to put in to be able to
use it.  This happened without warning and some of my
colleagues are mad.  I do not know what to tell them. 
I wish I knew more about wireless networking.  

I appreciate all of your comments and input in this
> That used to be called a network configuration
> floppy.  B^)  Yeah, I 
> remember when ms first introduced that feature.  How
> to configure other 
> machines on your network to use your windows gateway
> without knowing the 
> details of the network.
> > Mikkel
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