Re: Vista / Fedora9 - dual boot problem

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2008/5/26 Thoralf Polet <[email protected]>:
> After successfully installing Fedora 9 everytime I boot Vista for the very
> first time Fedora refuses to boot with the grub error message #13 "Invalid
> or unsupported executable format".
> I may boot Fedora as often as I like *immediately* after installing Fedora -
> but the first boot of Vista kills it all.
> Grub is placed into MBR, Vista resides in the primary partition (Vista was
> pre-installed), one hard disk.
> Using Fedora 8 before - everything was perfect...
> Thanks in advance.

I set up my F9/vista box by placing grub into the boot partition
instead of the MBR. Then I set the boot flag on the boot partition
using parted. This way I avoid using the 'new' vista boot loader at

Tom Weniger
Registered Linux user #243493

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