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Mark Haney wrote:
Okay, I'm still unable to build a correct initrd to include the QLogic 2300 FC card I have in a couple of machines. I've tried several methods (from scripts to cracking open the existing initrd) and nothing seems to work. The firmware IS on the system (via an RPM) and the qla2xxx module gets loaded, but I cannot get it to load on boot. initrd complains about the firmware not being available.
Surely others out there have these cards in use still and keep there
systems up to date, so what am I doing wrong? Can someone walk me
through this. I have one system stuck at FC6 because the newer kernel
don't include the firmware and I can't upgrade until I can get this
Are you sure the firmware is in /lib/firmware?  Check that directory
and verify you have "ql2300_fw.bin" or "ql2322_fw.bin" there.  Don't
necessarily rely on the fact you have the RPM installed...something
may have wiped the files.
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